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Monday, February 23, 2015

Little scribbes of Blog Irvan Dev

Irvan Dev
Blog Irvan Dev
Blog Irvan Dev
Why i do not share my own templates?, this is all deu to the templates of my works is still in progress, so for the moment i can only share the templates works other bloggers or other web masters.  At least i tried to share the work of someone in my blog.
In my opinion, it might be useful to others, i apologize if there is mistake in the post, because in making a blog post sometimes i refers to existing articles and rewrite it in this blog, without the slightest reduce what should be done to the copyrighted works of others.
Especially for my dear friend, remains a frendship! because it would be beneficial for all, both in cyberspace and in the real world. :D
And most importantly i made this blog just simply a hobby only, if any effect it just a part of process!!!
Irvan Dev (Cyberspace name only)

A piece of my creating

1. VPN Services (VPNICE)
2. Templates (IN PROGRESS)
3. ICENGINE [With my best friend mr.sevenhax]
4. And Many Others...

Irvan Dev / Author & Editor

I am Irvandev, I m a fairly easy blogger and it's, untill today My spouse and i still love writing and submitting articles for blog site "Blog Irvandev".


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    1. Bagi SC untuk Aim Bullet dong bang.... (y)

    2. sssttt ini bukan blog cheat... :p



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