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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

How To Make Money From Blogging

Irvan Dev

How to make money from blogging, do you want to make money from your blogsite, can you make money from your blogsite?. The answer is why not...
Because blogging is a profitable job and every blogger wants to make money.
If you have an existing blog with a small audience, be honest when considering whether the topic has broad appeal that isn't already covered by other established bloggers. If it does, great! Otherwise, there's nothing wrong with starting a second blog that will be more successful in attracting an audience, marketing itself, and making money through a variety of methods described below.
1 - Write down every topic that you are knowledgeable or passionate about.
2 - Narrow down the topics by reflecting on profitability and other goals.
3 - Search for blogs that cover similar topics.
4 - Creating Compelling Content
5 - Write original content.

How To Make Money From Blogging
How To Make Money From Blogging [images]

Deciding on a Blogging Platform

Consider a free blogging service. Many people opt to create a free blog using popular services such as or Google Blogger . This is a good option for people who aren't familiar with web design, don't want to pay for their own hosting, or enjoy the ease and stability that comes with these services. These services do have limitations on how you can make money using them, however, so make sure your blog won't break the terms of service.

Pay Per Click

PPC or CPC programs are one of the best ways to make money from your Blog. PPC is the short form of Pay Per Click. There are various PPC programs available. These programs pay you for each click they receive on their advertisements. There are lots of various Pay per click (PPC) programs out there that allows bloggers to earn money online from each click generated by advertisement codes inserted into their Blogs.

How Pay Per Click Programs Work?

Just sign up for a PPC Program → If your Website gets Approved → Get the Ad Code → Display their Ads on your Website → Your visitors click on those ads and you'll earn money. The more clicks you receive the more revenue you'll get. Some top PPC programs are:

Include keywords in important places

Keywords are the important words that relate to the topic of your blog, and specifically the new subtopic you cover each time you post. Choosing relevant keywords that people search for frequently will increase the visibility of your blog, attract more readers, and show them advertisements they are likely to click.

Post your article links on social media

Get traffic to your site with frequent updates on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sits. Find blogging communities that match your readership and post links to relevant articles on their comments or forums. This helps in getting traffic to your site as well as raising your search engine rankings.

Direct Ads

Direct ad sales is another easy and simple way to make money from your blog. Direct ad sales is simply trading your blog space for other organizations/advertisers/websites. If you don't like to Join any ad selling network because they take 20-30% commission for each ad sale on your website then direct ads is the best method for you. The advantage of Direct ad sales is that you are in control of advertising and thus you keep 100% of the sales and revenue generated from the transaction. Keeping 100% of the profit is always a good thing to consider. But the disadvantage of direct ad sales is to find advertisers because in case of a network, its a complete marketplace and advertisers are always looking for you.

How to Start Direct Ads on your Website?

Its simple, create a separate page on your website with the title Advertise Here. Give a brief description of your website, its ranking etc. and set your prices such as Sidebar Banner (300X250) for 30$/30 Days. Display it on your website, advertisers will contact you for their ads, display their ads and earn money.

Create an online store if appropriate

If you are an arts and crafts blogger, create a shop through etsy or another service for selling your artwork. If you are a writer or illustrator, search for a website that will sell T-shirts with your slogans or drawings on them. Many blog topics are not easily tied to products. You don't need to sell anything to make money, but if it fits your blog, just do it.
Allow readers to purchase your own products or donate to your cause through your blog. If you have an online store for selling arts and crafts, or you create T-shirt designs available through a clothing website, provide links to those sites. Including a PayPal button for quick, safe purchases or donations is a common way to monetize creative blogs, or blogs that provide free advice or assistance to those who can't afford it.
There are more and more ways to make money online, these are just some of them. Make your selection , and adjust to your blog , good luck.

Irvan Dev / Author & Editor

I am Irvandev, I m a fairly easy blogger and it's, untill today My spouse and i still love writing and submitting articles for blog site "Blog Irvandev".


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