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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Really does all WP8 phones have updated Windows 10?

Irvan Dev

Does all phones running Windows Phone 8 / 8.1 currently has been upgraded to Windows 10 or not? This is definitely more user inquiries current WP. Previously, Microsoft Lumia account on Twitter has announced that Windows 10 will be issued to all Lumia WP8 phone. But recently, on page Lumia Conversations then president of Microsoft's business Mobile Devices - Chris Weber said that there will be some devices are not supported. Thus Microsoft seems to have reneged earlier and make users happy deficit. Decision last update has not yet been revealed but Windows Central has taken the analysis so that we can better understand the "fate" of his WP phone.

Basically, all devices run WP8 / 8.1 now can get the updated Windows 10 . Of course, some features will be limited, but mainly about camera equipment as cheap Lumia 530, Lumia 635 has been updated as Lumia Lumia 930 or higher in 1520. Microsoft has announced Windows 10 image ads on many different sample Lumia and this may prove somewhat phone that average configuration can still upgrade Windows 10. In the absence or delay an update soon, users can still install Windows 10 on board through the program Phone Insider - analog current Developer Preview on WP8.

But the problem of "all" phones running WP8 / 8.1 have been updated or are no longer uniform relation to the network or the operator has decided to update their phone distributor WP due or not. The version of WP phone Lumia or generally distributed through networks usually get updated later than the international version. Certainly if you are using the Lumia 929 or Lumia 822 also understand this problem.

Windows Phones 8
Windows Phones 8[images]

It seems that Microsoft has implemented a similar tactic Windows Phone 8.1 update. Although speak some devices are not supported upgrade but ultimately users may still experience WP8.1 is almost complete with features on the planes as HTC 8X, 8S by Developer Preview program . If true, story updates for your device Windows 10 current WP8 will quite simply, the machine is updated officially too good, otherwise, it can be updated via Phone Insider. Let's wait for official information in the future.

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